We ensure the success of complex and dynamic projects.

Founded in 2000, we operate in the fields of architecture, town planning, real estate and temporary architecture. 30 employees work in our offices in Basel and Zurich.

everything is staying the same

We are evolving further
In 2017 we began the adventure of searching for a new organisational arrangement for our collective future. Step by step we developed into a form of self-organisation, tailored to our needs. Assuming responsibility and making decisions are now carried out by many.
Since 2020 waldner partner has belonged to its employees – we run the company as a cooperative.  

We provide space for new developments
The company is run by all employees on a self-organised basis.
We benefit from our collective intelligence, our diversity, our strengths. Together, we actively create the company.
Individual responsibility, trust, transparency and willingness to embrace change are important to us.

Our Mission

We ensure the success of complex and dynamic projects.
As architects we act as trustees of our Clients.
We professionalise bespoke courses of action.
We are proactive and solution-orientated.
We take on responsibility, even in times of storm.

Our Vision

We create space...
for continuously high achievement.
for inspiration, guidance and development of potential.
for participation in the design, management and success of our company.

Our Values

Enthusiasm  Joy, satisfaction, passion
Integrity  Binding, reliable, neutral, discreet
Appreciation  Empathetic, with equal rights, honest and open
Farsightedness  Holistic, altruistic, secure, sustainable
Responsibility  Individual, employee and client responsibility
Curiosity  Innovative, diverse, open, prepared to take risks, self-confident