Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Wohnen (gaw)

Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Wohnen (gaw)

Since 1987 the Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Wohnen (gaw) has been providing professional and lasting work and housing integration services for mentally impaired people in the Basel region. It guarantees a high level of specialist work in its supported employment and apprenticeship positions in the fields of retail, gastronomy, domestic management, delivery/packing services and food production. The areas are spread across different locations.
gaw sought to examine the potential of merging the different fields in one location and to consider which properties would be most appropriate.


Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Wohnen (gaw)


waldner partner




gaw operations and office building (production, services, offices etc.)

Our Role

Project development and planning

Our Tasks

Requirement definition workshops
Operational process workshops and concepts
Concept proposals for merging decentralised business areas
Evaluation of properties and conceptual examination
Feasibility study relating to defined property


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