MFH Hebelstrasse, Basel
MFH Hebelstrasse, Basel
MFH Hebelstrasse, Basel

MFH Hebelstrasse, Basel

To increase the value of the properties, the riser shafts were renovated and the kitchens and bathrooms were completely replaced. 5 apartments in the attic floor of the properties in the Maiengasse were rebuilt. The energy-saving efficiency of the exterior shell of the building was also improved through window replacements and additional thermal insulation.


Wincasa, Winterthur


Hebelstrasse 82, Maiengasse 12/14/16, Friedensgasse 19, Basel


5 multi-dwelling units with a total of 74 apartments and a communal swimming pool

Key Dates

1980 | Completion of original building
2010 | Start of construction
2012 | Completion

Our Role

General planner on behalf of the owner

Our Tasks

Structural component analysis
Condition analysis
Total contractor tender
Planning application
Executive planning
Creative direction


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