Roche Personalhaus Building 67, Basel
Roche Personalhaus Building 67, Basel

Roche Personalhaus Building 67, Basel

The staff amenities building, originally designed by Roland Rohn, was a "gift" from Roche’s owners to their employees. It is a significant building with regards to use and operations but also concerning its architecture. After intensive studies, the Roche Management decided that the building should undergo a total renovation, launching a new generation of use and operations while maintaining and strengthening the building's outstanding architecture. There is an emphasis on hospitality, with a canteen, a restaurant, a café and a catering service. The building also includes guest areas, a swimming pool, a kiosk, technical rooms, a large underground garage and the central receiving dock.


F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG


Nissen Wentzlaff Architekten


Areal Roche Basel


Staff amenities building, Roche

Key Dates

2013 | Start of planning
2015 | Start of construction
2016 | Completion


approx. CHF 80 million

Our Role

Project management support on behalf of the Client

Our Tasks

Review of project documents/planning regulations;
planning results;
project management role in ongoing planning and construction process;
reorganisation of the client, planner and construction supervisor organisation, above with regards to Project Quality Management (PQM);
tender, detailed design, construction and commissioning