Stauffacherstrasse, Zurich
Stauffacherstrasse, Zurich

Stauffacherstrasse, Zurich

Deteriorating conditions of the 1990s facade panels prompted the complete renovation of the facade. After a condition analysis and strategic planning with the evaluation of various solutions and materials, natural stone balustrade panels and horizontal slat blinds in combination with the retaining of the metal windows was chosen as the best option with an optimal cost-benefit ratio. The new facade concept was developed in collaboration with the office for the preservation of historical monuments. The small-scale detail of the old facade was replaced with a horizontal style in fitting with its urban context. The balustrades were newly sealed and insulated according to current regulations. The building remained in use during the renovation - a noise-management and safety concept was developed and implemented.


Wincasa, Winterthur


UBS pension fund


waldner partner


Stauffacherstrasse, Zurich


Commercial property

Key Dates

1899 and 1902 | Original construction
2018 | Start of renovation
2018 | Completion


CHF 850,000

Our Role

General Planning on behalf of the Client

Our Tasks

Construction component inspection
Condition analysis
Strategic planning
Preliminary project
Construction project
Planning application
Executive planning
Tender, realisation


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