Sunnige Hof, Probstei East + West
Sunnige Hof, Probstei East + West
Sunnige Hof, Probstei East + West

Sunnige Hof, Probstei East + West

The Sunnige Hof Housing Cooperative had a considerable influence on the Schwamendingen Garden City from the 1940s onwards. The Probstei Estate East + West lies to the north of Sunnige Hof's listed "head estate". Under the motto "affordable: economical, ecological and social", with moderate, socially acceptable densification the project will contribute to the creation of contemporary, affordable housing. The 36 terraced houses of Probstei East + West will be replaced by around 135 exemplary, high-quality 2-6.5-room apartments with flexible separate rooms and guest rooms, a community space and ateliers. In addition, a double nursery school will be built.


Sunnige Hof Housing Cooperative, Zurich


MMMR Architekten


Zurich, Schwamendingen


135 apartments, community spaces, ateliers, double nursery school

Key Dates

2019 | Market analysis
2020 | Feasibility study and potential analysis
2021 | Space allocation plan for architecture competition
2021-2022 | Architecture competition
2022-2025 | Design (planned)
2025-2028 | Construction (planned)


CHF 55 million

Our Role

Owner's representative in all areas

Our Tasks

Carrying out market analysis, feasibility study, potential analysis, developing space allocation plan, public competition programme, competition support, leading participatory process with residents, project management, cost, time and quality control